Western Art & Architecture – Well Plended

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Western Home Journal – THE MILLENNIUM

TETON HERITAGE BUILDERS, A COMPREHENSIVE BUILDING FIRM, & STUDIO H DESIGN, A TECH-FORWARD ARCHITECTURAL FIRM, OFFER CLIENTS THE LATEST IN BUILDING & DESIGN INNOVATIONS. While the delivery of a beautifully crafted home is a given with Teton Heritage Builders, the firm’s less recognized contribution is their consideration of the unseen comforts. A high-performing home is […]

Robb Report – Of Hill & Home

A private Montana fishing estate takes its cues from the vast and rugged landscape. In summer, wildflowers stipple the mountain slopes of Montana’s Gallatin County, not far from Bozeman. The region is home to brooks flowing with trout and layers of hillsides and jagged peaks. The unmarred waterfront terrain inspired the owner of this home […]